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What is Psychometric Analysis?

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational measurement and psychologicalmeasurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the construction and validation of measurement instruments, such as questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments.
What we do?

No one in this world is weak just they are unaware of their own Strengths and Potential. Psychometric Analysis is an instrument to explore your own personality, interest, strengths, weaknesses, emotional intelligence, etc.

This test tells you what you are best at, which suggest you could be weak in one field but there are fields in which you are very good at. If you want to improve your weakness area also then it will suggest you the kind of actions should be taken to improve it.

There is no pass/fail right wrong kind of result for this test. We provide details analysis of the data gathered and give you a summary on what careers you can pursue. Testing can take place in a supervised setting in our office or at the company test centers.

What we provide?

a) Cognitive Ability Assessments
  • Verbal
  • Numerical
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Technical

b) Behavioral and Attitude
  • Personality Testing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress
  • Integrity
  • Safety

c) Other types of assessment
  • Skills Assessments
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Custom-builtAssessments

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