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Induction And Integration


UK organisations are losing up to £2 billion a year in employee productivity due to inefficient induction processes and recent figures indicate 90% of staff decide whether to leave a firm within the first six months, often citing a poor induction process as a major contributing factor. With the considerable investment of time and resources into identifying and recruiting key talent, organisations really cannot afford to fall down with a sub-standard induction programme and risk an adverse effect on engagement, productivity and performance levels of a new starter’s first few months in a job.

Making your ‘on-boarding’ and induction programme strategic requires careful planning and integration at all levels of the business. Induction has moved from an administrative HR process to strategic, integrated talent management – and HR is at the heart of implementing this evolvement. By understanding the needs and ensuring the strategic linkages HR can champion and facilitate the design of a scheme that cascades throughout all levels of the organisation.

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